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About me

My Journey

My personal athletic and health journey turned into a passion for helping and inspiring others. 

I grew up in Brazil as a very active child. I've played multiple sports, did tap dancing for year and even played volleyball at a competitive level but then, when I had to start "adulting", I had stopped all my sports activities but kept eating as an "athlete". Worse than that was the fact that I was really struggling with my eating habits, I was hungry ALL THE TIME, I was having major issues with cravings and compulsive eating. I was feeling depressed, unmotivated, I was not only overweight but gaining weight every month and if I will be very honest with you.... food was one of my only pleasures in life :-( so the idea of giving up the foods I like in order to lose weight was not something I was willing to sign up for! 

I wasn't really looking for a weight loss plan and I certainly was not looking for a diet. What I was looking for was to find a way to start living a life I loved and a life I felt was making it worth of me being here. I wanted to create a fulfilling career, I wanted to make more money, I wanted to feel like what I do matter and I wanted to help people.

As I went to search for that, I met my personal coach that inspired me to create change in my own life so I could become a catalyst or change in other people lives. The process had to start with me!

Starting with a plan to balance my nutrition, I was able to eliminate my cravings, control my hunger, gain energy back, improve my mode and within the first 3 months lose 22lbs. In the next 5 months I lost 44 lbs without giving up my favorite foods and at the time with no exercise. 

After 10 years of maintained my weight and living a healthy lifestyle I decided to take it to "the next level" and hired a personal trainer. That's when I was able to transform myself from "I am not a gym person" to becoming a "gym person. Now I love to workout, I still play volleyball and I run a half marathon every year. ​

As I went through my own journey, I continued to educate myself getting multiple certification in holistic & functional nutrition, women healthy & hormone health, personal training and group fitness, positive psychology and behaviour changes.

I strongly believe that the transformation you seek will come only 20% from your fitness plan, 80% comes from your nutrition and 100% comes from your mindset. To create long term transformation we need to integrate all 3 into our lifestyle and that is exactly why I've created the Weightless living philosophy and my 4R's Transformation formula. 

Have been "there" myself, allows me to help people to close the gap from where they are to where they want to go. I know the transformation I've been thru (and still am going thru) was so much more than what the eyes can see and I know the same can happen to you. 

  • Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology

  • Women’s Health Functional Nutrition 

  • Precision Nutrition & Sport Nutrition

  • NASM Certified Personal Train & Group Fitness

  • Girls Gone Strong Women's Coach Specialist

  • Sports Conditioning, TRX, Kettlebell certified. 

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On a more personal side...

I was born and raised in Brazil. I've to move to Canada back in 2006 so I am blessed to say that I am Brazilian / Canadian. Canada offered me an amazing life for nealry 17 years (despite of the cold winters!) and many happy memories.

My family has been living in Florida, Tampa Bay area, since before I left Brazil so it felt like it was time to come be together with them. 

So here I am :-) I recently moved to Safety Harbor with my baby dog, Jasmine. 

I've chosen Safety Harbor to be my new home as I love the small community feel while being "right in the middle" of everything, and I couldn't be happier with my decision. 

I love to stay active, run by the water, play beach volleyball and enjoy nature. I also love to be connected with the community, making new friends, getting involved and offering some help when I can. 

I get a bit bored with routine so trying new things, going new places give me great joy. I am a big fan of not only travelling but I love road trips! I have done more than a far share on my own, I did the Pacific Coast Highway a couple of time, a big part of Route 66 a couple of times, drove to Sedona, the Canyons (a couple of times) and did the drive from Canada to Florida (different routes( a few times... and yet, there is so much to do and I can't wait for the next road trip adventure. 

My number one goal is to do "as much as I can" and live "nothing on the table". Help as many people as I can, learn as much as I can, grow as much as I can, see as many new places as I can, enjoy this life as much as I can ;-)

My favorite book, that I read as a teenager, is the Alchemist so I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes from it;

“It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting...”

Keep on dreaming and thanks for being here!

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